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I must hang in there and do my best!

—Rika Ichinose

Rika Ichinose



Kanji 市ノ瀬 莉佳
Romaji Ichinose Rika
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Birthday December 20
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Purple
Height 152cm
Weight 45kg
Hobbies Writing in her diary (diary blog)
Favorite Food All types of meat, ice cream
Residence New residential area (Neighbor)
School Takafuji School Fukuru Island Branch
Occupation High School Student (First year)
Flying Circus Profile
Sky Walker Speeder
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Mother and Father
Japanese Mako Mishiro (PC game)
Madoka Yonezawa (PSV game, anime)
English Cristina Vee
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1

Rika Ichinose (市ノ瀬 莉佳 Ichinose Rika?) is one the main heroines of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm visual novel game and one of the main characters of the anime series. She is an honor student and attends to a different school as Masaya, but they are neighbors.


Rika is a young teen-age girl with short, straight purple hair which only reaches down to her shoulders, and on each side of her head, she has a leather-like hair clip. She has blue eyes and fair skin. Rika is usually seen with a normal Takafuji school uniform, which consists of a light pink shirt with a brown collar and a wing-shaped ribbon hanging from it, a brown skirt, white stockings and brown general-Grav Shoes.

In her Flying Suit, Rika wears a suit that covers her entire body expect her shoulders. The suite is white but it is purple at various areas; on the collar, on her chest, stomach and legs. She also wears white gloves and white/ purple competitive grav-shoes.

Otherwise, Rika wears casual clothes, usually a green shirt, a black skirt, black stockings and purple shoes.


Rika is a kind honor student, even though she acts tough and serious. She is almost adept to everything, but she can be obstinate, and she is unable to show her true self to others. She is also serious, but she likes cute things.


Rika was first seen in the anime, when she was undressing herself, but Masaya Hinata accindentaly saw it. (two times in total).

Rika's major debut was when the Kunahama Academy FC club was training with them. When she saw Masaya again she was mad and turnt her head. That night she went with the girls (Asuka Kurashina, Misaki Tobisawa, Mashiro Arisaka, Madoka Aoyagi and Reiko Satoin) and take a bath. When they finished taking a bath they went and eat dinner.


Masaya Hinata

Masaya and Rika and neighbors. There is a running gag in the series that Masaya sees Rika in just her underwear, and because of this, they have a quite akward relationship.

Mashiro Arisaka

It was said in the anime that they formed a first year alliance, and she helped her getting better at FC when Mashiro was down. It was also thanks to Rika that Mashiro became a speeder. They later became friends and sometimes hang out with each other.

Reiko Satoin

They go the same school, and Rika respects Reiko but Reika just sees her as a cute junior.

Kazunari Shindo

They are on good terms and Rika respects him. Shindo also expects a lot of Rika.


  • Rika and Mashiro formed a First-Year Alliance in the anime.
  • For some sort of reason Rika really likes meat.
  • Rika's competitive grav-shoes type is the Small Grove Maine Coon.
  • Rika's measurements are B81/W55/H82



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