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I won't lose to anyone when it comes to eating!

—Misaki Tobisawa

Misaki Tobisawa



Kanji 鳶沢 みさき
Romaji Tobisawa Misaki
Gender Female
Birthday April 16
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Height 165cm
Weight 48kg
Hobbies Eating, learning things from her grandma
Favorite Food Udon, bamboo shoots (in general, veggies harvested from her grandma's mountain and field
Residence Old town district (wealthy farmer)
School Kunahama Academy
Occupation High School Student (second year)
Flying Circus Profile
Sky Walker Fighter
Position Second, Coach
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Father, grandmother
Japanese Yuri Konno (PC game)
Azumi Asakura (PSV game, anime)
English Anastasia Muñoz
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1

Misaki Tobisawa (鳶沢 みさき Tobisawa Misaki?) is one of the main heroines of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm visual novel game and one of the main characters of the anime series. She is a classmate to Masaya, and she is a young lady who enjoys flying with complete freedom.


Misaki is a young girl with long, straight, black hair reaching down to her waist. She has big ribbon on the back of her head to tie her hair. Misaki has large purple eyes. Misaki is usually seen with a normal Kunahama school uniform, which consists of a white short sleeved shirt, a sailor-like blue collar with a red ribbon hanging from it, and a navy blue-colored skirt which her shirt tucks into. She also wears black stockings and black general Grav-shoes.

In her Flying Suit, Misaki wears a black suit, with the color yellow on various places, including, around her chest, hips, collar and shoes. She also wears yellow gloves and yellow/black competitive grav-shoes.

She is otherwise seen with normal clothes, mostly a orange top, brown shorts and beige-colored shoe


Misaki is moody sometimes but she deeply cares for her friends. She acts on her own emotions and likes to do things on her own pace. She is also a considerably candid classmate. She is very attached to her grandmother who takes great pleasure in sharing her elderly wisdom.

In the morning, Misaki is usually very sleepy and is half-asleep most of the time, and she isn't really active too. Later, in the day and evening, she is decribed to be a different person; pumped, determined, optimistic and ''cool''. Misaki is also very kind and gives good advice.


One day, Misaki received grav-shoes for her birthday and she enjoyed flying around freely. Since she gets bored easily, she often flew around challenging random people to a game of flying circus. Eventually, she challenged a depressed and nervous Masaya to a match and won to the shock of Masaya which results in him quitting FC.


You see Misaki for the first when she comes flying towards Asuka Kurashina and Masaya Hinata, asking what they are doing. When they are going to to be too late Misaki is suggesting to go flying, but Asuka had no idea what flying is so Misaki had to carry Asuka to school. When they are at school they are running for their life, because they don't want to be too late.


Masaya Hinata

Masaya and Misaki are close friends and on good terms, and they call each other by first names. Misaki has challenged Masaya to an FC when she was little and she beat him thank to that loss, she made Masaya quit FC, after all that time Masaya and Misaki still don't realize that Misaki is the one that made Masaya quit FC..

Asuka Kurashina

Misaki is Asuka's coach and Misaki gave some advice. They are on good terms and Misaki likes Asuka's cheerful personality. It was thanks to Asuka that Misaki stopped FC for awhille.

Mashiro Arisaka

Mashiro is Misaki's junior. Mashiro deeply loves, cares and respects Misaki. Misaki isn't as devoted as Mashiro, but Misaki still cares for her and they are close friends. Mashiro usually takes care of Misaki in the mornings when she is sleepy.

Madoka Aoyagi

Misaki and Madoka are on good terms, and are very close friends. Madoka knows Misaki very well and worries about her dual-personality.

Kazunari Shindo

She hated the fact that Shindo didn't take her seriously while he took Asuka with his full power. She was frustrated at the fact that she was proven much weaker than she ever thought because Shindo who defeated her without even taking the match seriously was easily defeated. She also asked him to help her group so that she can defeat Inui which surprised the whole FC team.

Arika Okoze

For a unkown reason Misaki knows Arika, and because Arika really likes tuna Misaki always calls her "Maguro-chan".


Misaki is a fighter, so she is obviously very skilled at dogfighting. She is also very adept at making agile movements at close range.


  • She lost to Shindo in a udon eating contest once.
  • In the past she wears clothes that made her look like a boy.
  • Misaki's competitive grav-shoes type is the Invade Lavateinn.
  • Misaki's measurements are B88/W59/H89



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