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I think Kurashina-san is amazing too

—Minamo Shirase

Minamo Shirase

Minamo Shirase


Romaji Shirase Minamo
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Blue
Residence Four Islands Archipelago/Hayato's Grav Shoes shop.
Occupation School Student
Flying Circus Profile
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Hayato Shirase (older brother)
Japanese Yami Toyotaki (PC game)
Ai Shimizu (PSV game, anime)
Media Debut
Anime Episode 2 - Udon...?

Arika Okoze (虎魚 有梨華 Okoze Arika?) is a supporting character of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm series. She is the little sister of Hayato Shirase.


Arika takes the form of a young teenage girl with long, blue hair with a red clover hairpin. In the visual Novel she wears her usual school uniform. But in the anime she wears a long white shirt, a blue skirt with white frills, and brown school shoes with long socks


Minamo is really shy when she talks to people.


When Asuka Kurashina, Misaki Tobisawa, Mashiro Arisaka and Madoka Aoyagi walked in the store of her her brother. She is advising Asuka to take the all-rounder type to start with, but she scared to talktoo people so she hide behind a doll. When Mashiro wanted to shake her hand of a way to say thank you for helping her she hide behind the doll.

When the tournament ended, and Asuka and there team are swimming Hayato and Minamo have joined the party.

Minamo was also there when the Fall tournament started, she watched Rika Ichinose vs Mashiro Arisaka. Later that day she went and watch the match Asuka Kurashina vs Saki Inui. She and her brother where shocked when they saw that Saki unlocked her balancer. When a break came her brother sit down and Minamo asked what the problem is. Then Shindo came and held a conversation with her brother and then she said that "I think that Kurashina-san is amazing too" Shindo understanded what Minamo says and tell her that you still don't know her limits.

In the ending you see, Hayato looking at her, while Minamo is holding a mask.


Hayato Shirase

Hayato is her older brother. Minamo really cares about his older brother.


  • In the last episode she is seen holding a mask, which will be a clue that she is Fukumen Sensyu.



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