A list of the Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm episodes.

# Title Air Date
1 飛んでます, 飛んでますよっ!

Tondemasu, Tondemasu yo!
Episode 1 - I'm Flying! I'm Actually Flying!

A girl named Asuka Kurashina has just moved to the Four Islands Archipelago, a place where people can use Grav Shoes, to fly. On her way to school, Asuka meets Misaki Tobisawa and Masaya Hinata, who help her get to school. Once at school, Masaya and Misaki are asked to teach Asuka how to use her Grav-Shoes. As they fly to school next day, they see Shion Aoyagi, after being defeated by Reiko Satoin. Asuka decides to take on Reiko. Reiko decides that Asuka only needs to score once to win. At first, Asuka is completely dominated, but in the last moment she pulls off an Air Kick Turn.
2 う...ど...ん...?
Episode 2 - Udon...?

After the match Shion begs Asuka and the others to join the Kunahama's Flying Circus team. Asuka agrees almost immediately, but Masaya refuses. Misaki and Mashiro, who have decided to join. Aoi watches them while trying to encourage Masaya to join the team as well. The next day the girls to buy competition Grav Shoes and flying suits. Afterwards, Misaki and Asuka have a practice match and Asuka's determination inspires Masaya to join the club as coach.
3 ちょっと燃えてきただけ

Chotto Moete Kita Dake
Episode 3 - I Just Got a Little Fired Up

Aoi calls the Flying Circus Team to arrange a training camp during spring break. During the last day of the camp, Satoin arranges some practice matches. Asuka is up against Rika Ichinose. Mashiro plays Reiko but is completely defeated. Shindo and Misaki are the last match and Kazunari immediately scores off the first buoy. Angered, Misaki chases after him. Misaki follows Masaya's orders and manages to score a point when they turn the corner. However, Kazunari still wins the match.
4 お肉...... うれしい!

Oniku...... Ureshii!
Episode 4 - Meat Makes Me Happy!

Mashiro has been kept busy by make-up exams recently. Meanwhile, Misaki and Asuka are improving, leaving Mashiro lagging behind. After bumping into Rika by chance, Mashiro asks her to teach her the basics. Afterwards Mashiro and Rika become friends. During a practice match with Asuka, Mashiro to beats her. In her way home, Asuka accidentally lets her phone slip out of her grasp and fall down a cliff, but then a white-haired girl swoops down from the sky at incredible speed and catches the phone.
5 うん。 冷静に、戦い続けよ。

Un, Ochitsuite Ikō
Episode 5 - Yeah. Keep Calm and Carry On.

The Summer Tournament has started, Asuka is up against a Arika Okoze from Shitou Suisan Academy. Misaki is up against Rika and Mashiro against Satoin. First up is Mashiro's match against Reiko. Mashiro uses a Low Yo-Yo and touches the first two buoys. However, Reiko wins 7-2. Next is Misaki and Rika, Misaki wins with 5-1. Shion takes on Saki with all his determination but loses 22-1. Asuka's match with Arika begins and gains the advantage, but Asuka turns the game around with an Air Kick Turn and dogfighting, winning 4-3.
6 それが君の実力かい?

Sore ga Kimi no Jitsuryoku Kai?
Episode 6 - Is That All You've Got?

The second day of the Tournament has begun. Asuka wins 6-8 with an angry Kasumi. Misaki is up against Shindo next. Following Masaya's instructions, Misaki manages to tackle Kazunari and engages him in a dogfight, however Kazunari still wins 5-3. Asuka is now up against Kazunari and he scores the first point. He then scores another by using Cobra, a move mostly used by the pros. But Asuka takes a shortcut and catches up to Kazunari. Kazunari pulls back to use Cobra again, but Asuka uses a succession of Air Kick Turn's and scores four points. Kazunari gets extremely fired up and wins the match with 6-4.
7 刺される前に刺せ!

Sasareru Mae ni Sase!
Episode 7 - Sting Before You're Stung!

Saki has won against Mayu Ganeko from Shitou Suisan. Shindo and Saki are up against in the final. Kazunari is confident but Saki start to dominate the match. Everyone is shocked at the King of Kings losing. Afterwards Madoka takes over as the new captain of the club in her brother's place. The next day, Misaki bumps into Kazunari at the bus stop. Kazunari explains that fear of losing means you're enjoying the sport. Shocked by his words, Misaki sits at the bus stop, deep in thought.
8 もう...飛べない

Mō... Tobenai
Episode 8 - I... Can't Fly Anymore

Misaki has quit the FC team. The next day after school the FC team sees a helicopter flying towards Kunahama Institute. Saki Inui and Irina Avalon request a practice match against Saki which Asuka accepts. Despite Asuka's efforts, the match is one-sided in Saki's favor and Asuka ends up falling into the water, Misaki dives in to save her. After the match, Asuka is emotionally and breaks down crying as Misaki and the team tries to comfort her.
9 答えは空にあるんです!

Kotae wa Sora ni Arun Desu!
Episode 9 - The Answer Is Up in the Sky!

Misaki and the others are worried about Asuka who hasn't gone to school. During the FC training, Asuka is having a hard time to execute moves. One night Misaki finds Asuka standing outside her house. Misaki invites her to stay the night. The next day, Asuka challenges Misaki to a match. If Asuka wins, Misaki will have to rejoin the FC team. The girls begin the match, with Asuka getting the first point. Misaki turns the tide with 2 points. The match ended with a victory for Misaki. After the match, Misaki decides to rejoin the team.
10 それもFCのためですか?

Sore mo FC no Tame desu ka?
Episode 10 - Is That For FC, Too?

The FC team train harder than ever. Meanwhile, Saki is sparring with the top players in Europe. The next day, while the FC team is doing their stretches, Satoin and Rika appears, Asuka reveals she invited them to train together to beat Saki. During training, they are able to play 3 on 1. Misaki takes a detour on her way home, and comes to the Shindo family house. Misaki requests that he train with them. The next day, Misaki tries desperately to beat Shindo, and keeps coming at him. However, Masaya suddenly swoops in, he then challenges Asuka to a dogfight.
11 わたし負けない!

Watashi Makenai!
Episode 11 - I Refuse to Lose!

The Fall Tournament has begun and Mashiro is up against Rika. After a close match, Mashiro wins 7-6. In the semifinals, Misaki is up against Saki. The match begins and Saki starts for the buoy while Misaki takes a shortcut. Saki comes after Misaki again but Misaki hits her once more. Saki sends her to the water but Misaki keeps coming at her. Inspired by her determination, Saki decides to dogfight wholeheartedly and scores two points. Misaki uses an Air Kick Turn and scores a point of her own but the match ends there with Saki winning by one point.
12 もっと…飛ぼう!!

Episode 12 - Let's... Keep Flying!!

It is finally time for the all-Japan Flying Circus Fall Tournament West-Kyushu Qualifers finals to begin. This match is between Asuka Kurashina and Saki Inui. Both go off at an excellent start. With only 3 minutes left in the game, Asuka has 6 points while Saki has 4. Saki turns off her balancer completely and scores 2 more points. After a short break, both competitors come back to compete in the extra time. It is then revealed that Asuka has turned off her balancer as well to be able to fly with Saki. At the end, they perform a new unnamed technique that make the audience gasp in awe and with the final hit, Asuka wins.